Mum Told To Insure Trampoline For £3m

24 July 2013, 13:03 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A mum from Chandler's Ford says she's been told to insure her trampoline for £3 million - or have it taken away.

The trampoline is in the back garden of a property in Belmont Road.

The woman claims she was told by a housing officer from First Wessex housing association she could keep the trampoline if she insured it, otherwise it could be confiscated and possibly disposed of.

First Wessex says it's because it's a communal garden, and they would be held liable if someone got hurt, either while trampolining or if they tripped over it. They say 'where such items can be used and then put away at the end of each day, there is no problem.'

Carol Williams, Operations Director at First Wessex, said:

"It is important for residents to have a pleasant and enjoyable living environment and we recognise there will be situations where individuals may wish to put children's play equipment in their communal gardens. Where such items can be used and then put away at the end of each day, there is no problem.

"Where items are left out overnight and/or for a prolonged period of time, such as a trampoline, First Wessex has a duty of care and is liable should an accident or injury occur. Therefore once we become aware of such items, we have a responsibility to take action and ask residents to kindly put items away.

"The fact that the trampoline is in a communal area places a duty of care on First Wessex towards people using it. First Wessex would be unable to control and supervise users at all times and as such would be unable to ensure their safety. We are therefore unable to insure this risk.

"In relation to door mats, as a responsible landlord we have a zero tolerance policy towards obstacles or fire hazards placed in communal areas that could be trip hazards, spread fire or fumes, or prevent residents from getting out of the building safely in an emergency.  We need to remember that when a fire occurs, visibility may be impaired and we have a duty of care to make sure everyone is able to evacuate safely.

"All First Wessex customers, and particularly those who share a communal area, have been notified that personal items left in communal areas will be removed and stored. We regularly carry out fire risk inspections across all of our homes to ensure these areas are clear and safe."