Train Hits Tree In New Forest

19 December 2013, 08:28 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A train hit a fallen tree on the tracks at Hinton Admiral, blocking the line between Brockenhurst and Bournemouth on the evening of Wednesday 18th December.

A spokesperson for the South West Trains-Network Rail Alliance said: 

"Due to poor weather conditions across the South of England, a number of our train services experienced delays. 

"Numerous trees fell during the evening, blocking lines. Our staff worked hard to remove these trees as quickly as possible.

"The line was blocked between Brockenhurst and Bournemouth following a train striking a tree at Hinton Admiral. 

"There were no reported injuries as a result of this incident.

We provided taxis wherever possible to convey passengers between stations and passengers were also allowed to use First Great Western services on reasonable routes."

There were also reports of fallen trees on roads in Gosport and Winchester.

They have all been cleared now.