Southampton Power Plant Design Chosen

Photos of a planned £300Million Biomass power plant which could be built in Southampton have been released by Helius Energy.

They've selected a marine design approach for the proposed biomass fuelled energy scheme at the Port of Southampton.

The scheme proposes a 100 Mega watt sustainably sourced energy station capable of generating renewable electricity and supplying heat to around 200,000 local businesses and residential areas. 

The Further Community Consultation, which concluded in August, included seeking the local community's views on possible alternative ‘Marine’, Wave’ and ‘High Tech’ design approaches for the scheme.

The Marine design approach will now be worked up in more detail ahead of an application being submitted to the National Infrastructure Directorate of the Planning Inspectorate later in the year.

The application will be accompanied by a suite of documents including the Environmental Statement, a Consultation Report, setting out Helius Energy’s formal response to the comments received during the entire programme of consultation, and other reports providing detailed information about the project. 

Once an application is formally accepted by the Planning Inspectorate, the public are able to register as ‘Interested Parties’ in order to make comments on the scheme and to take part in the examination of the application before a final decision is made by the Secretary of State.