South Coast Bridge Is Lit Up

25 August 2011, 11:52 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A South Coast toll bridge can now be seen in a whole new light.

The Itchen Bridge in Southampton's been fitted with 34 columns of blue L.E.D lights as part of a project replacing thousands of streetlights around the city.

£28.5 million is being spent on the scheme, with streetlights, road traffic signs, and bollards, being replaced with environmentally friendly lights.

The new lights on the bridge will make it visible from miles away. As well as being one of the main entrances into the city centre, the Itchen Bridge also links the centre with Woolston. The council say the new lighting used on the bridge will be 20% more efficient, saving them £1,250 a year in energy costs.

Cllr Fitzhenry, said: “The Itchen Bridge looks fantastic. As a gateway to the city it is important that the lighting looks good, saves money and is environmentally friendly. This scheme delivers on all counts. Top quality city gateways not only provide a big boost to the economy, they also install pride in residents.

The Itchen Bridge will make an impressive city feature, while at the same time saving taxpayers money. 

This scheme is a wonderful example of what the street lighting PFI is delivering in the city.  In these times of austerity it is vital that councils find new ways of cutting their costs and cutting carbon. That is what we are doing across the city with this scheme. Meanwhile residents are getting a much better quality of lighting, which makes them feel safer and boosts the night time economy. Everyone is a winner.”