Shorten Your Shower In Portsmouth

As part of the Saving Water Challenge, Portsmouth Water is challenging all of its customers to see if they can shower in less than four minutes.

If everyone joins in and helps save water, the company hopes that it can avoid the need for restrictions later in the year.

Over the last 18 months, the Saving Water Challenge has already seen customers reduce their water use by nearly 600,000 litres every day.

Customers have been provided with free Savaflush Bags, shower timers, shower and tap restrictors as well as useful advice all of which has helped us leave more water in the natural environment.

The Saving Water Challenge involves customers thinking about their behaviour in regard to their own water use and how they can reduce the amount of water they use in their homes. 

Customers are being asked to think carefully about their water use for non-essential activities such as washing cars, watering bedding plants with a hosepipe and asking themselves, how they can use less water.

Neville Smith, Managing Director said "With the South East suffering from the driest conditions since 1992 there is a risk that without the help from Customers we may have to introduce a hosepipe ban - our first since 1976.  However, if we can encourage all of our customers to take short showers and get involved in the Saving Water Challenge, we hope that we can avoid the need for any restrictions this summer."