Savage Attack On Vulnerable Man In Southampton

13 December 2013, 18:35 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Southampton police are trying to find out how a Northam man received serious injuries which left him in hospital.

The 64-year-old man is well known as Fred in the area around his home in Augustine Road, Southampton.  He is vulnerable, and it is known that local youngsters and others have tried to taunt or goad him on several occasions.
On Tuesday, December 10, Fred was uninjured.  However, when a housemate saw him the following morning, he had serious head injuries.  He said three local “kids” had caused the injuries.
Paramedics were called on Thursday morning, December 12, and Fred was taken to Southampton General Hospital, where he was diagnosed with a broken jaw, cheekbone and eye socket.  His condition deteriorated, and he has been moved to the intensive care ward.
Police are appealing for information from anyone who saw a man being assaulted in the Northam area between 6pm Tuesday, December 10, and 9.20am Wednesday, December 11.
Detective Sergeant Jeremy Boughay is the officer in the case.  He said the victim has been unable to tell police what happened.
Anyone who saw what happened or who has heard local gossip about an assault is asked to contact Det Sgt Boughay at Shirley CID on 101 or ring 0800 555 111 for the anonymous charity line Crimestoppers.