Red Card For Tackling Streaker

A footballer was sent off for tackling a streaker dressed in a Borat mankini who halted a match.

The man, complete with a wig and the lime green swimsuit, had evaded stewards for more than 30 seconds to cheers from the crowd during the Blue Square South game between Havant & Waterlooville and Dorchester in Hampshire on March 7th.

Dorchester player/manager Ashley Vickers then decided to help out the authorities by grabbing the streaker around the neck and wrestling him to the ground while dislodging his wig.

He was marched away and banned from the ground for the second half streak.

But shocked Vickers was then shown the red card by referee David Spain for violent conduct, while players on both sides protested against the decision.


Vickers said after the match:

"I'm dumbfounded and speechless. A guy ran on to the pitch without any of the stewards getting near him and I thought I was doing them a favour.

"But the ref decided to send me off and it beggars belief.''

The sides were 1-1 at the time but Dorchester lost the game 3-1 after a further two players from the Dorset club were sent off and the team was left with just eight on the pitch.

Havant & Waterlooville secretary and director Trevor Brock added:

"It was unfortunate that Ashley Vickers got sent off but the referee acted by the letter of the law.''