Portsmouth's New Ferry Port Nearly Ready

10 March 2011, 10:04 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A new multi-million pound ferry terminal on the South Coast's nearly ready for business.

Construction work is finished on the building in Portsmouth, and now the interior's being fitted out. Huge signs bearing the new name and logo of the Port have been put in place, and there’s only a few weeks to go until it opens to passengers.

Martin Putman, Port Manager, says, “We are delighted to see the new signs in place.  It's now obvious to everyone who drives past and uses the Port that this important phase of our transformation is nearly complete. The new passenger terminal will be the best in Britain and we can't wait to open the doors to the public.”

Portsmouth International Port  - the new name for the former ‘Continental Ferry Port’ will now have more cruise customers using it this year than ever before and it is playing a bigger role in the global cargo market. 

At the passenger entrance three huge ships' anchors have been put into place, each weighs four tons.

During the next few weeks a new café and a restaurant with views of the harbour will be put into place, alongside the ferry company ticket desks, shop and bureau de change. 

The project has cost £16 million and the new terminal is due to open before Easter.