Portsmouth Navy Couple Reunited At Sea

26 September 2013, 17:28 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A Portsmouth couple, serving on different Royal Navy ships, have been reunited at sea nearly three thousand miles away.

Able Seaman (WS) Shaun "Jessie'' Owens, 23, serving on helicopter carrier HMS Illustrious, was able to meet up with his girlfriend Able Seaman (CIS) Victoria Sayce, 22 - serving on board the support vessel Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) Fort Victoria - during a refuelling operation in the Gulf of Oman.

A navy spokesman said:

"It came as a surprise to the Portsmouth based couple when Captain Mike Utley, commanding officer of HMS Illustrious, instructed Shaun to get onboard one of the helicopters going across to RFA Fort Victoria.

"Not wanting to waste a golden opportunity Shaun quickly kitted up for the short transfer between ships and surprised his girlfriend of three years.''

Shaun said:

"The last time we replenished from Fort Victoria, I saw Vicky from the quarterdeck and only really had a chance to wave at her. I guess someone must have told the captain.

"Vicky didn't know I was coming so she was really surprised and pleased to see me, even though it was only a short visit.''

The Replenishment at Sea (RAS), which also involved RFA Fort Austin, took place during the major multi-national training exercise Cougar 13.