Portsmouth Minehunter Leaves For Middle East

17 May 2011, 09:44 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Royal Navy minehunter HMS Quorn left her Portsmouth home on Sunday (May 15) for the Middle East where she will spend three years on security patrols.

The vessel will be taking over duties from sister ship HMS Chiddingfold which is currently stationed in the Northern Arabian Gulf as part of the UK’s commitment to maintain a mine countermeasures presence in the region.

As one of four minehunters based in the Gulf, HMS Quorn will operate for the next three years conducting maritime security operations and training with the UK’s regional partners and coalition nations. Her crew will change approximately every six months.

HMS Quorn leaves Portsmouth for the Middle East

Quorn’s Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Commander Phil Dennis, said following a demanding training programme over the last three months the ship’s 45 crew had been trained to a high standard in all aspects of mine countermeasures and maritime operations.

“Following our successful training under the guidance of the Royal Navy’s Operational Sea Training staff, the crew of HMS Quorn is looking forward to the challenge of deploying to the Middle East and operating in the Arabian Gulf.”

HMS Quorn leaving Portsmouth