Plans To Improve Major Portsmouth Route

Plans to cut traffic jams on a major route into Portsmouth have been unveiled.

Portsmouth City Council is proposing to create a second southbound lane on the Eastern Road between Swordsands Road and Milton Road, designed to help traffic flow.

This would mean the road would have two lanes southbound and northbound for its whole length.

The council is also planning changes to the Velder Avenue junction to reduce delays. Some manoeuvres made by very few drivers would be stopped.

This would mean drivers on heavily-used routes spending less time waiting at red lights. The changes would also involve modernising the pedestrian crossing across the Eastern Road near Kirpal Road and East Shore Way.

The traffic lights at the junctions with Kirpal Road and East Shore Way would be removed. Instead, sensors would detect vehicles waiting to come out of these side roads, and the traffic lights on the pedestrian crossing would turn to red.

New crossings would be put in at the Velder Avenue junction, at points where there are none at present.

Cllr Jason Fazackarley, the council's Cabinet Member for Traffic and Transportation, said: "We've improved traffic flow on the western side of Portsmouth by measures like the new link road into the naval base. Now we are planning to improve the eastern route into the city.

"Our proposals would cut jams on the Eastern Road and Velder Avenue, improving life for people who live nearby and making drivers' journeys into work quicker.

"The changes at the Velder Avenue lights would make the junction operate a lot more smoothly, reducing queuing.

"We are planning to make these changes later this year or early next year. There would be some disruption during the work, but the result would be a better journey into the city."

Details of the changes are in a leaflet being sent to nearby residents. The leaflet, along with more details of traffic movements, is also available at  Click on 'Getting around', then see 'Road improvements 2011/12'.

Residents with queries or comments can call 023 9268 8020 or email by 23 September 2011.