Our Posties Thanked For Their Hard Work

Posties are delivering around two billion items this Christmas - at the peak they're going to be handling double what they normally do.

Eastleigh MP Chris Huhne visited the Post Office’s sorting office in Goodwood Road to say a big thank you to the hard-working postmen and women who are delivering cards and parcels in record numbers in the run-up to Christmas.
This year Chris Huhne delivered some parcels of his own: two giant tins of sweets for the posties to keep morale up in this final busy week before Christmas. 
The Post Office are expecting around two billion items in their Christmas mailbag this year, and have taken on about 18,000 extra seasonal Postmen and women to make sure we get our letters and parcels before Christmas. 
Chris said a special thank you to Richie Hunt who has delivered the MP‘s mail in Dutton Lane, Eastleigh.
“Postmen and women like Richie play an oftenunappreciated but vital role in keeping families and friends in touch all yearround, and this is particularly important at this time of year.
“When you see the complexity of sorting and thendelivering all the mail, it makes you realise how much we rely on thededication of so many people ready to start work as early as 4.30 in themorning in freezing mist to ensure us a happy Christmas”.
Chris added, “Richie is always cheery and displays hisoptimistic outlook on life by getting on with the job even in the coldest daysof winter in short trousers. Given the sub-zero temperatures this time of year,rather him than me!”