Noisy Neighbour Fined In Havant

A noisy neighbour's been fined for playing loud music all the time in Havant.

Havant Borough Council prosecuted Miss Kellie Hussey from Froxfield Road for the breach of a noise abatement notice. 

She failed to attend Portsmouth Magistrates Court on 5th February 2013.
Following a number of complaints and several warnings about loud music coming from her house, Environmental Health Officers witnessed the noise themselves and an Environmental Protection Act 1990 Section 80 Abatement Notice was served in June 2011 by Havant Borough Council.
The police were then called to the property on another occasion to investigate a complaint that loud music had been disturbing neighbours once again.
Evidence of the breach of the Abatement Notice was provided to Miss Hussey's Landlord, Portsmouth City Council and to Havant Borough Council by the police.
She was found guilty in her absence and was sentenced to a fine of £400, £436.91 in court costs and a £15 victim surcharge, totalling £851.91.
Stuart Wedgbury, Shared Service Manager for Environmental Health "From time to time we all experience some noise from neighbours and this is to be expected in any community.
However, there are some cases that are more serious and the noise becomes completely unreasonable, especially when it takes place late at night or for a prolonged period of time.
"Persistent noisy neighbours can make life intolerable for those living near by and this is completely unacceptable. I hope this prosecution demonstrates that Havant Borough Council takes the issue of noise nuisance seriously and is willing to take action against those who make the lives of their neighbours a misery.
"This case shows a really good example of colleagues from Environmental Health, the police and Portsmouth City Council working together to improve the quality of life for residents of the borough."