Nine Dogs Abandoned Near Southampton

The RSPCA is trying to find out who dumped a group of nine dogs - four adults and five puppies - near Southampton.

The four white adult dogs and five white puppies (5 or 6 weeks old) were dumped in a large plastic cat carrying cage and a metal dog

The dogs were as follows:

* One Westie cross type, female, with a pink/black collar on
* Two Bichion Frise cross types, with pink collars on

All three were in the metal dog crate with no bedding, no food and no water.

* One white crossbreed adult female dog, with five white puppies (approx 5/6 weeks old). The adult mum of the puppies also had a pink
collar on.

The mum and puppies were in the plastic cat carrier.

None of the dogs had any obvious health problems.

The dogs and puppies were found on Wednesday 1st August at Lime kiln Lane in Holbury near Southampton by some teenagers who contacted their mum. They took the dogs home and called the RSPCA.

The charity says the dogs were found in bushes but not hidden, and couldn't have been there very long as there was no waste in any of the containers.

Whoever abandoned them hadn't left them with any food or water but the mum and puppies did have a red blanket in with them.

None of them were microchipped.

All the dogs are at the RSPCA Ashley Heath Animal Centre, Ashley Heath, near Ringwood, Hampshire.

RSPCA inspector Charlie Eyden, who is investigating, sald:

"It is incredibly sad that someone would choose to simply abandon animals in this way and we are very keen to trace whoever is responsible.

"If anyone recognises these dogs or has information about where they came from I would urge them to contact the RSPCA so we can make sure there are no other animals at risk."

Anyone with information is asked to contact the RSPCA on 0300 123 8018 and leave a message for inspector Eyden.