Navy Diver Starts Great South Run In 200lb Gear

A 48 year old Royal Navy diver is starting The Great South Run early, because he's doing it dressed in full diving gear - which weighs at least 200lbs!

Chief Petty Officer Ian Flemming from Titchfield Common has been given special permission by organisers Bupa to start the event on Friday 26th October. It will take him much longer to complete the route in Portsmouth due to the weight of the suit.

"Because the suit is so heavy I've been told I can do five miles on Friday, four on the Saturday and then the final mile on the Sunday, along with all the other runners that day" he said.

"The suit is well over a hundred years old. Each boot is about 22 lbs each, the suit itself weighs about 10-12 lbs and the brass helmet is 50lbs. I'll also have a chest and back weight - both around 41lbs each. It'll be like carrying a fully grown heavy man for about 10 miles!"

Ian will also have to wear a catheter as he wont be able to make toilet stops along the route.

"It's going to be really challenging and will probably take me about an hour and a half to cover each mile, so I'll be in the suit a long time each day.

"I'm expecting plenty of aches and pains and blisters - I think my feet will suffer the most!"

He's hoping to raise aorund £5000 for the 'British Limbless Ex-Service Men's Association' (Blesma).

"When it gets hard I'll just think of the injured troops I'm doing this for and I'm sure they'll inspire me to keep going."

If you want to sponor Ian click HERE