Mother Of Newborn Triplets Dies

A mother of triplets has died in hospital in Winchester eight days after their birth.

Isabel Mason, 34, gave birth to Mattias, Lukas and Sarah at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester on March 2 but died there on March 10.

An inquest was opened and adjourned on March 16 with the possible cause of death given as haemopericardium - a rupture of the pericardial sac around the heart caused by a cut in an artery.

Her husband, Paul, will now have to bring up the triplets without their German-born mother, who was known as Izzy.

''Isabel had delivered healthy triplets - Mattias, Lukas and Sarah - and in the precious week in between had been 'on top of the world','' Mr Mason said.

''We were both overjoyed to be having an instant family, the triplets were our first and most probably last children.

''We looked forward to sharing and introducing our children to our shared hobbies of family time around the kitchen table, playing guitar, listening to German and French radio, country walks, camping, motorbiking, listening to the rain and watching the world go by.

''Since Isabel's death, I have been overwhelmed with the messages of support and tributes to her and we would like to thank all of our friends and colleagues who have been in touch as these words of comfort and kindness mean so much to our family.''

The couple, from Winchester, both worked for the Ordnance Survey in Southampton. Mrs Mason worked in the IT department and Mr Mason in the products department. They married in 2010.

A spokeswoman for Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, which runs the hospital, said:

''This is a real tragedy and our thoughts and sincere condolences are with the family who we are supporting at this difficult time.

''Of course, due to patient confidentiality, we are unable to share details relating to a patient's care.''