Mike Thornton Sworn In As New MP

Nick Clegg has welcomed the newest Liberal Democrat MP to Westminster as Eastleigh by-election victor Mike Thornton arrived ready to take his Commons seat.

The local councillor is being sworn in formally at 11.30am today (Tuesday 5 March) after holding on last week to the seat vacated by ex-Cabinet minister Chris Huhne.

"It's fantastic to see you here after that superb victory in Eastleigh'' Mr Clegg told him on the steps of the Palace of Westminster.

"All of us were out there campaigning for you and so all of us are now looking forward to you helping us back at this place.''

Mr Thornton joked that he was seeking a satnav device to help him find his way around and that he was already being trained in the ways of party discipline by the whips. He said: "I've got the scars to show for it''