Meet Santa Claws -The Albino Lobster!

Fisherman in Dorset have discovered a rare albino lobster!

The creature - which its thought could be around 30 years old - was found in a lobster pot off Portland Bill earlier this week (12/12/11).

He's now living at the Weymouth Sealife Park and has been nicknamed santa claws!

The centre's curator Fiona Smith said:


 "There have been one or two other albino lobsters found around the UK in the last 20 years or so, but none of them as perfect as Santa.

"He really is pearly white from the tips of his huge claws to the end of his tail. Only his eyes are black.

"If he has been an albino from birth it's incredible that he hasn't been snaffled by a hungry shark, seal or perhaps even an otter."

Albinism in lobsters is caused by a lack of colour pigment.

Lobsters shed their hard shells as they outgrow them -staff are waiting to see if Santa Claws loses his white coast when he next moults.