Man Dies In House Contaminated With Toxic Gas

13 May 2011, 09:29 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A man's been found dead in a house contaminated with potentially hazardous gas.

Just before midday on Thursday 12th May, police called Hampshire firecrews to reports of an unidentified gas being present at a private address in Wych Lane, Gosport.

Control operators immediately mobilised two fire appliances from Fareham Fire Station, one fire appliance from Gosport, one fire appliance and the Special Equipment Unit from Cosham, the Detection Identification and Monitoring (DIM) vehicle from Service Headquarters and one fire appliance from Hightown Fire Station to the scene as part of a pre-determined attendance.

They found the man, thought to be in his 50s, dead inside. Police say they're not treating his death as suspicious.

Two Hazardous Materials and Environmental Protection Officers (HMEPOs) and two firefighters entered the building wearing gas tight suits to investigate the situation whilst further crews prepared a decontamination unit nearby.  Further to the investigation it was established that helium was present. 

Firefighters used high pressure ventilation to clear the air from within the premises and ensured that there was no risk to surrounding properties.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service has 12 specially trained Hazardous Materials and Environmental Protection Officers who attend a wide range of incidents involving hazardous materials (Hazmat) and environmentally damaging substances which can range from chemicals and milk, to fires involving fertilisers and cylinders.