'Light Graffiti' Exhibition At Southampton Uni

An exhibition of 'light graffiti' created by disadvantaged youths from across the South East will go on display at the University of Southampton.

LightTAG is a unique exhibition created entirely by young people from Hampshire, Kent and Surrey to explore youth culture  'and challenge society's perception of it' through the science and art of light. Participants were taught how coloured LED lights could create light drawings and animations through an innovative camera technique to produce vibrant pieces of art.

LightTAG worked with groups of young people who are either: care leavers; disabled; not in education; employment or training and who live within reach of SEPnet universities.

Pearl John, SEPnet Outreach Officer from the University of Southampton, who helped to run the Southampton LightTAG workshop says:

"Science - and Physics in particular - plays an essential role in young people's lives. If it wasn't for work done by our physicists here at the University, using light and lasers, our society wouldntt have the internet or mobile phones. We hope that learning about light and working with it creatively has given the young people new knowledge and skills to help increase their self-confidence and expand their horizons."

The project has enabled 62 young people from six communities to build confidence and achievement through this unique science and media art collaboration.

Tyron Prentice, 17, from the Eastpoint Youth Centre in Southampton, says:

"I'd never been to a university before this, but after doing LightTAG I'm thinking about going to university and doing a video games course, which I would never have thought about doing before."

Aiden Ralph, 17, from Southampton, adds:

"I got Fs in science at school but I found it much easier to learn with this project because they went through it step-by-step and it was fun - and when something's fun you want to keep on doing it."

To find out more about the exhibition and LightTAG, click here.