Hundreds Turn Out For Ark Royal Farewell

The Royal Navy's former flagship HMS Ark Royal has been towed away for scrap.

Hundreds of people lined the harbour entrance and shore Portsmouth to watch her leave the naval base for the last time ever just after 1pm.

Plans for the aircraft carrier had included a nightclub or a casino - but in the end a Turkish recycling firm bought her for just under £3million.

HMS Ark Royal Crew & FA CupDuring her 30 years in service Ark Royal travelled 622,000  miles - or 25 times around the world - and even transported the FA Cup from Newcastle to Wembley back in the 80s.

Former Ark Royal commander Paul Bolas told Capital: "There were various options - taking her to London and using her as a heliport or even turning it into a hospital ship - but when you look at the cost of refurbishing it, it would be prohibitive and at the end of the day there was no-one that came up with the money to do that.

"It's sad she's going, but it's time she's gone. The great sadness though is that it's the name that is going and I hope someday - perhaps not in my lifetime - I hope there will be another Ark Royal."

HMS Ark Royal