Hundreds Of Drivers Caught Speeding

9 March 2011, 10:14 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Police say they're really worried about the speeds they've caught drivers doing on roads around Chichester.

During a two hour period of speed enforcement, on Sunday 6 March one of the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership’s mobile safety camera operators detected 352 people travelling over the speed limit, with approximately 20 travelling at over 100mph.

The speed enforcement vehicle visited the following locations during this period:

A27 Havant – Chichester (at Newells Lane Bridge, West Ashling)

A27 Fishbourne (Salthill Road bridge)

A27 Fontwell – Chichester and Aldingbourne straight

A27 Arundel – Fontwell (at Binstead)

Sussex Safer Roads Partnership Manager, Ken Seymour, said:

“Excessive speed is a cause for concern on our roads, with speed inextricably linked to collisions killing and injuring road users. 

“When the posted limit on a road is 70mph, to see individuals choosing to travel vastly in excess of that limit is deeply concerning.  While some individuals may accidentally exceed the limit, travelling at 30mph over the speed limit is nothing short of wilful non-compliance.”

Those detected slightly exceeding the speed limits may be offered a speed awareness course, depending on their exact circumstances, as an educational alternative to receiving points on their licences.  The courses are offered to those who are unlikely to be habitual offenders and who have slightly exceeded the speed limits through being slightly distracted for a moment.

Drivers with severely excessive speed will be dealt with through the courts, and may end up with points on their licence and a fine.

“Our mission,” Ken continues, “is to make the roads of Sussex safer for all road users, and to ensure compliance with the law.  We will continue to operate our high-visibility mobile enforcement operations at areas of concern to remind motorists about their actions and speeds on our road network.”