Hants Police Chief Speaks To Capital

Alex Marshall admits spending cuts have been difficult and has warned police services could be under increased pressure if further cuts are made.

The chief of police in Hampshire has been speaking to Capital before he steps down in February.

He told us he's pleased with reductions in crimes like burglary here but admits he would like to see alcohol-related violence reduced further in future.

Alex told Capital: "It's been very tough for my staff across the organisation, we've lost a lot of people over this period of time. However, we have a good relationship with people across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, and crime continues to fall. The job is never done though, one crime is too many."

He also spoke about how he believes policing has changed a lot in the past few years with the rise of social media and mobile technology.

The force has been regularly using the likes of Twitter to keep the public informed about things going on across the county since the summer riots of 2011.

He added: "Since then it's really taken off and some of the neighbourhood teams have 4,000 local people following them on Twitter. Well that means we're talking 10-20 times a day to people; that's much better communication than we used to have."

Alex Marshall leaves the top job next month to become the chief executive of the new National College of Policing.

His deputy Andy Marsh is the favourite to take over as chief constable.