Hampshire PC Up For Bravery Award

A Hampshire police officer's up for a National Police Bravery Award in London later - after he was stabbed in the neck and chest with a screwdriver by a man he was trying to arrest.

In November 2010, PC Alex Stypulkowski was on duty in Petersfield when he was deployed to assist social services to section a man under the mental health act.

The man was known to be violent and on a previous occasion had taken his own mother hostage. For this reason other police units were deployed including a firearms team.

After arriving at the scene the man came out of the address and ran from the police.  PC Stypulkowski gave chase shouting for the man to stop, as he bolted through the back garden and jumped over adjoining fences.

As the chase progressed PC Stypulkowski realised he had become separated from his colleagues and found himself in a dark road surrounded by bushes and trees with no one around.

After some time the man stopped running and turned around to face PC Stypulkowski brandishing a bladed weapon. It was unclear at this point whether it was a knife or a screwdriver.

In a sinisterly calm way the man told PC Stypulkowski, "You're going to die."

PC Stypulkowski drew his CS gas and sprayed the male who was walking calmly towards him. Despite being hit in the face by the CS gas, the man wiped his face and continued walking. PC Stypulkowski then drew his ASP (baton) and as the male approached him, he struck him on the leg causing him to fall. In doing so he pulled the officer to the ground with him.

As the two men fought, the assailant pulled PC Stypulkowski jacket over his head disabling his vision and making him extremely disoriented. At this moment the officer felt sharp blows to his chest. He was being stabbed.

Although the officer couldn't see he felt more blows hitting his body armour and then his neck and his head. This was a frenzied attack, and one where the officer thought he was going to die.

PC Stypulkowski soon became aware that another officer had arrived at the scene and the man ran off. Despite his injuries, PC Stypulkowski got up and continued with the chase.  They came across the man hiding behind a car. The man leapt out brandishing the weapon and shouted at PC Stypulkowski; "I'm going to kill you".

PC Stypulkowski once again used his CS spray and shouted for the assistance of the other officer. The other officer (firearms) deployed his Taser and the man was arrested (by PC Stypulkowski).

At the hospital it was discovered that PC Stypulkowski had been stabbed in the head and neck. One stab wound narrowly missing his jugular vein. It was also established that the weapon used was a long screwdriver.

John Apter, the Chairman of Hampshire Police Federation said

'PC Alex Stypulkowski demonstrated extreme bravery in what was a violent attack on an unarmed officer. It was only good luck and body armour which prevented something far worse'.

Alex Marshall, the Chief Constable said 'PC Stypulkowski is a dedicated Police Officer. His actions on that night demonstrated exceptional bravery and determination. I am extremely proud of him, he is a credit to Hampshire Constabulary'.

The Police Bravery Awards is an annual event which honours Police Officers across England and Wales for their actions to tackle criminals and keep the public safe.  This year marks the 17th anniversary for the Police Bravery Awards.  The ceremony will take place on 18th October at the Plaisterers Hall in London.