Hackers Target Peppga Pig World Facebook

19 June 2013, 12:01 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

The Hampshire attraction is trying to track down who is behind rude and offensive messages posted on the Facebook page.

Paultons Park, where Peppa Pig World is based, say they're doing all they can to put a stop to the posts which started appearing earlier this week.

More than 137,000 people following the social networking page affected and parents have expressed their anger at the hackers.

Currently the attraction is unable to access the page and therefore cannot remove posts, comments or the page itself.

The attraction tells us the page was hacked on Monday and apologised for "what is frustratingly out of our control''.

In a statement they said: "We remain in contact with Facebook and are doing everything we can to resolve the issue. The page has continued to experience spam posts but we are relieved that they appear to be inoffensive at present.

"Regrettably, we currently have no ability to remove the posts or the page itself as the hacker has taken complete control by claiming to Facebook that they were authorised to represent us. Consequently they removed the ability for us to access the fan page.''