Fox Cub Rescued From Garages

An animal rescue specialist has rescued a male cub that had become stuck between two brick-built garages in Spencers Field in Emsworth.

On Monday 28th May 2012 Control room operators were alerted to the trapped fox at 19:28hrs, 36hrs after it initially became stuck in the cavity 12 inches below the concrete base and three meters in.

Using chimney rods to gently reach the cub the specialist, Buster Brown, was able to work out how far away the cub was and, with permission from the owner of the garage, used a drill, hammer, bolster and chisel to remove the bricks from inside the garage wall to reach the fox.

He said "Once a hole was made I realised the cub had moved slightly so I had to make another. This process took nearly two hours as I had to remove the bricks carefully to ensure I didn't injure the animal".

After the fox was rescued it was checked over by Buster and released.

trapped fox


trapped fox