First Exhibit Arrives At SeaCity Museum

A scale model of RMS Queen Mary has taken pride of place in Southampton's new SeaCity Museum.

The model, a scale replica, has been carved from one log of white mahogany. At nearly seven metres in length and weighing over one tonne, it is one of the first artefacts to arrive at the new museum.

Originally housed in Southampton's Maritime Museum, the Queen Mary will now have a permanent home inside SeaCity's "Gateway to the World" gallery and will be on display to the public in a new glass showcase when the museum opens on 10th April 2012.

Tina Dyer-Slade, the Major Projects Manager overseeing the SeaCity Museum build said:

"It has been a logistical challenge.

"To be able to move the Queen Mary inside the building, a window frame had to be removed from the exhibition space and a scaffold platform and crane used to roll her into position.

"But she looks fantastic and I?m sure she will be a very popular addition, with such strong local ties."

RMS Queen Mary made her maiden voyage on 27th May 1936, travelling between Southampton, New York and Cherbourg before the outbreak of World War II saw her converted into a troopship to ferry Allied soldiers. She was officially retired from service in 1967.

Councillor John Hannides, Cabinet member for Resources, Leisure and Culture (pictured) said:

"Watching the Queen Mary model take pride of place in SeaCity Museum is a significant milestone for everyone involved in the project.

"This is the first of many artefacts this impressive museum will house, many of which we have been unable to permanently display until now."

The SeaCity Museum will open to the public on 10th April - 100 years after RMS Titanic departed Southampton docks for her first and only voyage.

The museum will tell the story of Southampton?s crew and the impact the tragedy had on families in the city and will also feature other major maritime led exhibitions, telling the stories of people who have arrived and departed in the city since pre-historic times.

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