Firecrews And Police Save Man's Life

Hampshire Police and firecrews have worked together to save a man's life, after he collapsed outside Gosport Fire Station.

It happened at 8.44am on Tuesday 17th July 2012. Two Police officers were driving past the station when they saw the man in his 40s fall to the ground. They immediately called into the station for help and six firefighters ran to assist.

PC Sam Jones of Gosport's Targeted Patrol teams said:

"Special Constable (SC) Rachel Upton and I were on patrol and saw a man face down on the floor. He stopped breathing whilst I was treating him so I began CPR whilst SC Upton alerted the local fire and rescue team nearby."

Upon arriving the firefighters saw the man unconscious and receiving CPR from a Police Officer. Firefighter Steven Burns, who assisted, says:

"The man was on the floor unresponsive when we arrived and I immediately knelt down to help. I then took over administering CPR whilst the Police Officer controlled the gentleman's airways. My colleague Ian Read then did CPR whilst myself and the firefighters put the man into the recovery position."

Shortly after the man stopped breathing again so the firefighters and Police Officers put him on his back and continued with CPR once more. "I did eight reps of 30 whilst my colleague Dave Lewis administered oxygen" says Steven.

South Central Ambulance Service arrived just four minutes later where both the Police and firefighters jointly lifted the man onto a stretcher and into the ambulance.

"I immediately jumped into the ambulance with the patient to assist with CPR.The man was very distressed and disorientated," continues Steven.

Steven and the ambulance crew had to give the man CPR once more on route until they arrived at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham.

Chrissy Jenkins, South Central Ambulance Technician, says:

"We work closely with colleagues from other emergency services on a daily basis. The Police and Fire Service did a fantastic job in starting life saving treatment on the patient before we arrived to the scene.

"This incident shows how effective CPR is and how important it is to start as soon as possible to give the patient the best chance of survival."

PC Sam Jones says:

"The emergency services now work more closely together than ever before so it's reassuring and rewarding to know our life-saving skills combined well in this situation. Police always strive to provide an excellent service for all those we protect in the community.

"The commitment and contribution of one of our special constables was also invaluable. The actions of Rachel Upton prove that having the support of people who volunteer their time and talents makes a real difference to people's lives."