Design Your Own Isle Of Wight Festival!

Festival-goers who are feeling deprived of their summer fix of camping and music can create and run their own ideal virtual festival.

The Isle of Wight Festival has been turned into a Facebook game allowing fans to choose their ultimate line-up ranging from classic acts to the latest sounds.


They can customise stages, design, build and manage the event and even share and compare their event with those created by their friends.

As well as creating a perfect festival, the game is designed to allow music-lovers to discover new bands as it incorporates a facility to listen to and download tracks.

The Isle of Wight Festival has its own special section of the site with a 1970s stage exclusive to the event's Facebook fans.

A spokesman for the event said:

 ''Players can choose their ultimate Isle of Wight Festival music line-up, then choose customised stages, design, build and manage the event, discovering the best new music along the way.

''Isle Of Wight Festival Facebook fans can unlock a unique 1970s stage area in the game - just 'like' the Facebook group and the stage is yours.

''All music tastes are catered for, as the game draws from a mix of over 16 million online tracks, so players should never get bored discovering new music, as well as scheduling their own top acts.

''As well as scheduling their own music choices, players can tune into their friends' festivals and rate their music, building up a cool factor over time.

''Users will be able to see how cool (or not) they are compared to their friends, encouraging some healthy music banter and the discovery of new artists.''

Music Festivals, The Game, is available at

The headliners for the Isle of Wight Festival 2012 have been announced as Pearl Jam, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.