Dad Headbutts Boy At Kids Football Game

30 March 2011, 11:45 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

A father's been issued with a caution for headbutting a youngster he thought had fouled his son during an under-15s game.

The 40-year-old became incensed when he thought his son, who was playing for the BTC Southampton Kestrels, received "a bad tackle" from the Totton Rangers player.

It's reported the unnamed father ducked under a barrier and headbutted the victim in the face.

He had to be restrained on the pitch and the Southampton and District Tyro Football League Under-15s match was abandoned with three minutes to go and the Kestrels leading 6-0.

His 15-year-old victim was taken to hospital with a bleeding nose after the attack.

A Hampshire police spokesman said the man, from Southampton, immediately admitted the attack and was given an official caution for common assault on the condition he pays the injured teenager £100.

"We were informed by a spectator that a teenage player had been headbutted by a spectator at the match,'' the spokesman said.

"The player had tackled a player from the other side and the man thought it was a rough/bad tackle and shouted at the player and came up to the boy and headbutted him in the face.

"The player was left dazed and with a bleeding nose. Spectators went on the pitch to stop anything else happening and the police were called."

Neither team involved in the incident would comment today and the Hampshire FA said it is awaiting the referee's report before deciding whether to take any further action.