Big Struggle For First Time Buyers

Capital's found out it's taking First Time Buyers across the South Coast area a staggering 3 and a half years to save up their 10% mortgage deposit for a property that will cost over 8 times their annual salary.

According to a brand new index, the repayments alone will eat two thirds (61%) of their income after they've spent out on food, heating, council tax and other essential bills.

The Ability to Buy Index, shown to us by RBS, reveals in the last quarter of 2011, first time buyers here found it harder to get on the property ladder compared to the same time in 2010.

RBS says despite inflation going down, the high cost of living is making life 7% tougher now for a first time buyer in Hampshire than it was during the peak of the last recession.

It's worse up the M3 in the Capital though where it's around 10% harder to buy a first property there than it would here