Is This The Best Office In Britain?

What's being called the 'Best Office In Britain' has been unveiled in Southampton by PEER 1 Hosting, a global web hosting provider.

It has a giant slide and swings, a cinema and its own pub - it also features an inside garden with picnic tables and an area where putting your feet up is the office rule.

MD Dominic Monkhouse says it's about investing in people:

"Our goal with the design of the new headquarters and EMEA offices was to make PEER 1 Hosting a place to work that inspires our staff and makes everyone that little bit more excited to turn up for work.

"We know that if individuals find the right job, in the right environment, with the right people, they will be more productive and want to contribute to the success of the company.

"We've heavily included the staff during every step of the planning process for the new offices and we believe that the new headquarters is a true reflection of the investment that has been made in talent."

Office designers Space & Solutions were given the task of turning a former pub in Town Quay into the best working environment.

Features include:

  * A 'helter-skelter' slide from the first floor to reception
  * A grass covered Amphitheatre
  * Indoor garden with a three metre high tree, a tree house, swings suspended from the ceiling, a golf course and dart boards
  * A cinema room equipped with its own popcorn maker
  * A yoga area
  * A canteen, coffee bar and themed lounge areas

Sarah O'Callaghan, Partner and Lead Designer, Space & Solutions, said:

"We wanted to create a space where people love to be.

"We're creating a fun, practical and multi-functional environment that will help PEER 1 Hosting continue its growth. The company's success demonstrates the value of investing in the workplace - you always get the best from people when they are inspired by their surroundings."

The office also has its own pub called The Sherlock Arms, named after Gary Sherlock, the company founder.

Overseas visitors can stay in one of two flats and there is a large terrace outside.

Best Office In Britain

Best Office In Britain

Best Office In Britain

Best Office In Britain