Attempted Car-Jacking: E-Fits Released

Police in Southampton are appealing for witnesses after two men tried to steal a car while the occupants were stopped at traffic lights in the city.

A 34-year-old man, his wife and four-year-old were driving home from the Princess Anne Hospital in Southampton at around 8.45pm on Sunday, June 26.

They turned into Lordswood Road and had to stop because of red traffic lights by the pedestrian crossing near the One Stop Store.

The victim noticed a man coming across Winchester Road shouting at him and looking aggressive. He could not hear what he said as his windows were wound up.

Then another man suddenly opened his car door and tried to take his car keys out of the ignition but he managed to stop him. The man shouted at him in what is thought to have been an eastern European language. He also smelt strongly of alcohol.

He then became aware of his wife shouting “Get out” and looked across to see the first man now with the passenger door opened. He was trying to climb into the car over his wife. This man then swung a punch at the 34-year-old hitting him in the face. Luckily it did not cause any injury.

Fearing for the safety of his family and himself he started to drive off and as he did this the man grabbed hold of his wife’s leg and tried to hold on but as he increased in speed the man let go and rolled away. This man shouted at him and also appeared to have an eastern European accent.

Nothing was taken from the incident however the family were very shaken up the experience.

It’s known there were other vehicles behind their car when it was stopped at the lights. The people in the car and any passers-by would have seen some of what happened.

Police are now appealing for anyone who did witnesses it to come forward as they may have vital information that could help find those responsible. They are also releasing efits of the two men involved and are asking that anyone who thinks they know who the two men are to get in touch. It’s known the two men had been with a woman with blonde hair who was pushing a buggy.

The men themselves are described as:

Man 1: White, in his late 30s, about 5ft 9 inches tall, large build with a tanned complexion and he had very short hair close to bald. He also had about 2 days beard growth. He was topless and was wearing long light grey shorts with light coloured trainers.

Man 2: White, early 30s, about 6ft tall and thin build. He had a fair complexion and had bleach coloured (white at the ends), curly hair with black roots which was short. He was wearing a dark coloured t-shirt which had grey writing on it and light coloured trousers.

carjack e-fit


Anyone with information about the crime is asked to call PC Sean Taylor at Portswood Police Station on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.