Ambulance Staff Set To Strike

Capital's found out that some ambulance staff are going to go on strike tomorrow (Wednesday 30th November), as part of the big day of public sector action.

South Central Ambulance Service NHS Trust (SCAS) - which covers Hampshire - says it is working closely with unions to ensure that critical care is not compromised. In a statement, it says: "We are still in talks with all unions who acknowledge that this strike action is against the Government's proposals and not against SCAS. We are therefore working closely with ourunions to ensure that critical care is not compromised.We recognise the right of our employees to strike but need to maintain an essential service to the public. And so in light of this action we are working closely with all our partners andthe public to help us reduce demand on the service."

According to Ian Ferguson, Chief Operating Officer,’ I’d urge people to choose well anduse the ambulance service wisely. Please only call us in an emergency.’’

Contingency plans have been put in place to mitigate the adverse effects of the strike action and ensure the safety of patients.

Dr Andy Smith, the executive medical director at the South Western Ambulance Service NHS Trust - which covers Dorset - says "If they dial 999 with an emergency that's serious and life threatening they will receive the same kind of response they receive now. We will re-prioritise our staff to those who really need us."