115 Drivers Caught Speeding On A31

11 September 2013, 13:30 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

115 drivers have been caught speeding along the A31 on the Hampshire-Dorset border in a joint police operation on Tuesday (10 September).

The Dorset Road Safe Partnership project 'No Excuse' team worked with colleagues from the Hampshire Safer Road units on Tuesday night along the A31, after both counties had received complaints from the public about driving standards on the road.  

Officers used a mix of Safety Camera Vans and marked & unmarked motorcycles and cars.

On the Dorset side of the border 115 motorists were detected speeding, seven were caught using hand held devices, four were reported for not wearing seatbelts, one person was caught driving without an MOT and one driver was reported for driving without due care & attention.

The majority of those caught accepted they had committed the offence and the majority will be offered the opportunity to attend the Driver Awareness Scheme (DAS) course (fee of £110) rather than the Fixed Penalty (£100 & 3 Points).

One lady caught travelling at 75mph in a 50mph zone accepted her ticket and explained she was speeding because she was late for church.

Chief Inspector Tim Lumley, Head of Dorset Police Traffic, said:

"It was a good opportunity to work with colleagues from Hampshire responding to concerns from the public on a road that crosses the border of both counties.

"I believe the majority of drivers do not set out to break the law, however for the minority, it is a wilful disregard for the safety of other road users, pedestrians and indeed themselves.

"We will continue to police the roads based on intelligence through enforcement and education, whichever is appropriate."

Brian Austin, Project Manager for 'No Excuse', said:

"The attitude of those stopped by officers in the majority was good and the way the officers dealt with them was well received. Most of those stopped understood they had committed offences and did not offer any argument. 

"If we can get those caught on the DAS course and offer some guidance on safer driving, everybody benefits."