Young People Worried About Job Prospects

14 April 2015, 08:20 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

More than 60% of young people says they feel nervous about their employment prospects, according to research by Action for Children Scotland.

The survey of 15 to 26-year-olds across Scotland has revealed their fears of being 'unemployable' and 'worthless'.

One in five feel that they can never have the career they want, with 40% citing not having the right skills, experience or training as the most common reason.

Action for Children Scotland, in partnership with Barclays, has launched 'Skills for Success', an ambitious nationwide project that aims to equip young people with the basic skills and knowledge to help them into employment or training.

Following a successful pilot, the programme of workshops and drop-in advice services is aiming to help 22,000 young people already supported by the charity's projects over a 13-month period.

Workshops will be taking place across the country at Action for Children Scotland services including its homeless accommodation in West Dunbartonshire, and youth employment initiatives in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Carol Iddon, Action for Children Scotland's director of children's services said: "A job is more than just 'what you do', it is a part of who you are and gives people a sense of worth.

"Young people across Scotland have told us they don't feel employable, and feel uncertain, lack confidence and are not getting the support and advice they need. Those that Action for Children Scotland supports have the additional burden of coping with turbulent, often traumatic lives. For them, the risk of unemployment and the financial, social and emotional problems that often come with it are even greater.

"Giving the most vulnerable young people the right support and advice to help them get on the job ladder is vital, and with our new programme, Skills for Success, we hope to be able to help thousands of young people over the coming year."