Tragic Alesha's Mum In FB Tribute

10 July 2018, 11:46 | Updated: 10 July 2018, 11:48

Alesha MacPhail Bute Murder

The mother of tragic Alesha MacPhail has said her daughter will be "looking down with that big glowing smile" at those who tried to help her.

The six-year-old was on holiday from Airdrie in North Lanarkshire when she was reported missing from her grandparents' home on the island in the Firth of Clyde last Monday.

Her body was later found in woodland and a 16-year-old boy has been charged with rape and murder.

The Isle of Bute community joined efforts to find Alesha when she was reported missing, and held a vigil for her on Sunday.

Mother Georgina Lochrane - who also goes by the name Genie, made a public Facebook post to thank those who had helped.

She said: "I have finally built up the courage to write this I would like to thank each and every single one of yous of the Isle of Bute for everything you have done for mine and Robert's darling daughter.

"She will be looking down with that big massive glowing smile of hers and be so proud for everything everyone has and will continue to do for her, myself, dad, grandparents and the rest of the people who loved our girl dearly.

"I thank you all from the bottom of my heart."