Theresa May Makes Another Bid To Woo Scottish Voters

5 June 2017, 06:30

Theresa May Election announcement

Theresa May is to visit Scotland again on Monday as the General Election campaign enters its final few days.

With Conservatives enjoying increased support north of the border, the Prime Minister will make another bid to woo Scottish voters.

Her visit comes as election campaigning gets under way again after the terror attacks in London on Saturday night.

A Question Time special featuring Nicola Sturgeon and Tim Farron, that was scheduled to take place on Sunday evening, was postponed in the wake of the attack.

The SNP leader and Liberal Democrat leader will now face questions from the public in Edinburgh on Monday.

Ahead of that, Ms Sturgeon has said only a vote for the SNP in Scotland can prevent the Conservatives taking overall control at Westminster.

She said: "Let's be very clear - votes for Labour in Scotland will risk letting Tory MPs in by the back door, and only the SNP can stand up to the Tories in Westminster.

"Given the narrowing of the polls in the rest of the UK, there is now every chance that a vote for the SNP can deny the Tories the crushing victory that they so arrogantly predicted at the start of the campaign.

"Indeed, some polls now indicate Scotland could be pivotal in deciding this election, with the issue of how big a Tory majority is - or whether they have one at all - decided here.''

Mr Farron will also visit two of the Liberal Democrats' key target areas, Edinburgh West and East Dunbartonshire, as his party fights to win the seats back from the SNP.

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie will be campaigning in Fife, where he will say only his party can stop a second Scottish independence referendum.

He will say: "For years the SNP have tried to hide the problems they have created due to their constitutional obsession.

"However this year people in Scotland are not buying it. The First Minister, her predecessor and countless others have made it clear that this election is all about independence. The First Minister can't run away from it this time.

"In target seats across the country it is gains from the Liberal Democrats that can be the difference in stopping the next independence referendum in its tracks.''

Meanwhile Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson will campaign at a business park in Aberdeenshire, and Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale and East Lothian candidate Martin Whitfield will visit a lobster hatchery in North Berwick.