Skin Cancer Rates Amongst Young Scots Soars

The number of under 34 year olds in Scotland developing malignant melanoma has tripled since the 1970's.

Theres now over 2 new cases diagnosed here every week and one everyday for that age group across the UK as a whole.

In the past 30 years, rates of the disease north of the border rose from 2.2 cases per 100,000 to 8.2, equating to a 266% increase.

Cancer Research UK are blaming an increase in overuse of sunbeds and insufficient sun protection.

The data comes as the charitys launches its SunSmart campaign for 2011.

Their advice on how to protect yourself from skin cancer is to make sure you don't go red or burn , avoid sunbeds and if you want a tan - fake it.

In the late 70s, malignant melanoma was the 7th most common cancer in young people - now it's the second.

Experts say this may partly be because of better detection.