Scottish Teenager Charged Over Hacking

A teenager has been charged with hacking into the Serious and Organised Crime Agency website.

Jake Davis was arrested on the Shetland Islands as part of an investigation into the global hacking groups LulzSec and Anonymous.

The 18 year old who is alleged to use the online nickname 'Topiary', will appear at City of Westminster Magistrates Court on Monday.

Davis has been charged with five offences, including unauthorised access to a computer system.

He is also accused of being part of a plot to carry out a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) on Soca's website.

DDoS attacks involve flooding websites with traffic to make them crash.

Davis' arrest was linked to an ongoing investigation into hacking and DDoS attacks against international companies and intelligence agencies.

Scotland Yard also claims the alleged hacker presents himself as a spokesman for LulzSec and Anonymous.

LulzSec has previously claimed responsibility for attacks on Soca's website, the US Senate, the CIA and The Sun newspaper.