Scots show 'worrying' lack of digital security

5 March 2018, 07:15

Cyber security

People in Scotland have a "worrying" lack of digital security awareness, according to a new survey.

The inaugural Mobile Microleisure report has looked into the extent to which Scots are heavily adopting mobile technology.

A total of 87% said they own a mobile phone, which were the second most-used device to browse the internet after computers.

More than a quarter who had a smartphone did not have it passcode protected, while three in 10 who have shared online account details with someone have shared personal banking details.

Julie McArdle, customer security manager with Royal Bank Security, said: "This is the first Royal Bank of Scotland Mobile Microleisure report and the results have thrown up some startling insights into our mobile app use - especially how we prioritise what we keep secret.

"The report highlights a worrying lack of security awareness among all age groups, including younger audiences who tend to be the most comfortable using online apps and online payment methods."

It was found that younger Scots are the most prolific app users, with 18 to 24-year-olds spending an average of 46 full days each year using them.

The survey was commissioned to highlight the rise in digital habits among Scots as the bank prepares to roll out increased digital capabilities across its own customer app.