Scotland's Uni Lecturers May Strike

Teaching staff at Scotland's colleges, unis and schools could strike in the near future.

The Educational Institute of Scotland, which represents 80% of teachers and lecturers, has opened a ballot and members will have three weeks to cast their vote.

The union has been in talks with the Scottish Government to try and agree a new pension agreement but EIS general secretary Larry Flanaghan said "little progress has been made".

He said: ``I would urge all eligible EIS members to use their vote in this important ballot and to vote yes for industrial action to send a strong message to the Scottish Government.

"Changes to pension arrangements will mean teachers could be made to work beyond 65.

``Too many teachers already retire into ill-health for us to contemplate such an extension to what is an extremely stressful job.''

A Scottish Government spokesman said: ``Pensions policy is reserved to Westminster and we continue to engage with the UK Government to persuade them to accept our negotiation group's proposals."