Ruth Davidson reveals email abuse on IWD

8 March 2018, 16:15 | Updated: 8 March 2018, 16:19

Ruth Davidson Scottish Conservative leader

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson was branded a "wannabe man" in an abusive email sent after the Tory spoke about International Women's Day.

Ms Davidson tweeted an email she was sent within minutes of mentioning the annual event at First Minister's Questions.

In it, the person - whose details she blanked out in her tweet - said: "Just watching FMQ's and I'm amazed at your remarks about IWD because you are not a woman, you in my opinion are a wee fat wannabe man who is a disgrace to your gender."

The Scottish Tory leader posted the email with the comment "sighs".

It comes the day after SNP MP Mhairi Black spoke out about the scale of misogynistic abuse she faces online, repeating in Parliament insults aimed at her which include the C-word.

At the start of her questions to the First Minister, Ms Davidson said while she had many differences with the SNP leader, "I am sure we can both agree we will do everything we can to ensure the next generation of women have fewer battles to fight".

A spokesman for the Scottish Conservatives said: "As with many female MSPs and MPs, Ruth has a catalogue of abuse regularly thrown at her on social media and elsewhere.

"Every now and again she chooses to push back politely and today - after solidarity across the chamber from all parties - she thought it appropriate to highlight the sort of male attitudes that she, and others, still face daily."

Ms Black had used a debate in Westminster Hall to highlight the abuse she faces, telling MPs there: "I struggle to see any joke in being systematically called a dyke, a rug muncher, a slut, a whore, a scruffy bint.

"I've been told you can't put lipstick on a pig, let the dirty bitch each shit and die.

"I could soften some of this by talking about the C-word but the reality is there is no softening when you're targeted with these words and you're left reading them on my screen every day, day in, day out - she needs a kick in the c***, guttural c***, ugly c***, wee animal c*** - there is no softening just how sexualised and misogynistic the abuse is."