Road Rage Incident In Edinubrgh

A road rage incident has caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to a car in Edinburgh.

Police are hunting the motorist who damaged the vehicle after carrying out an ``extremely dangerous manoeuvre'' in rush hour traffic.

The man, who was driving a white Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, drove up behind the black Audi A5 at high speed on the two lane Maybury Road in Edinburgh. When the Audi, which was in the right hand lane, would not let him pass he moved into the left hand lane and undertook it, forcing the Audi to stop. 

When the Audi continued, the Mitsubishi driver carried out the same manoeuvre, again forcing the Audi driver to carry out an emergency stop.

The man then got out of his Mitsubishi and began punching and kicking the Audi, causing around #2,000 worth of damage before making off.