Rescued Otters Make Friends

1 February 2017, 15:00 | Updated: 1 February 2017, 15:01

Rescued otter stream

An animal charity plans to introduce two abandoned otter cubs in an attempt to create a friendship between the lonely pair.

Eddy and Stream are being looked after at the Scottish SPCA National Wildlife Rescue Centre in Fishcross, near Stirling.

Eddy was rescued aged just eight-weeks-old when he was found on a riverbank near Denny calling for his mother.

Stream, thought to be aged between eight and ten weeks, was spotted by a concerned member of the public struggling alone with high tides.

Centre manager Colin Seddon said: "Eddy came to us as an eight-week cub having been found on a riverbank near Denny calling for his mother.

"As he has not had any siblings to play with, a staff member has had to assume that role and play with him several times a day to prevent him becoming too distressed and bored and to enable him to develop naturally through play.

"Now that we have Stream they will go together once they are both at a similar stage in their development.

"She's got a strong character and does not appreciate being handled. Once she is at the same stage as Eddy they will be put together and hopefully stay together until their release in spring 2018.

"Anyone who finds an otter cub that is calling should at first observe from a distance providing the cub is in a safe position. If the mother does not return before dark then the cub will need to be brought into our care.

"If the cub appears in anyway injured or ill please call our animal helpline immediately and contain the otter if possible.''