Parents Struggle With April School Holidays

Parents across central Scotland are being forced to sort out a lot of extra childcare this month due to extensive April holidays.

On average pupils across the central belt are only in school between 6 and 8 days for the whole month

The reason behind it is down to a two week easter holiday, then the Easter weekend and a day off for the Royal Wedding which is swiftly followed by the May bank holiday Monday.

Executive Director at the Scottish Parent Teacher Council Eileen Prior told Capital,

"Many teachers will organise basically cramming classes over the holidays and they will give kids work to do and to take home but we all know it's difficult, I've tried to work on my own and it is very difficult. It is adding stress to the mix which i think is unnecessary."

"Scotland has the most expensive childcare in Britain so for families who are on low incomes, who are perhaps on hourly rates, who are not able to ask their employers for flexible working or for extra time off it puts an enormous strain on them financially and emotionally."

We've contacted our councils and in response they told us the problem's down to the late Easter this year and there's an agreement between most authorities to always make the Easter fortnight at the start of April to help parents plan.