No Sectarian Problems At Final SPL Games

Officers say there nine arrests in total at yesterdays Old Firm matches, none of which were Sectarian related.

Strathclyde Police confirmed there were five minor alcohol-related arrests inside Parkhead, where Celtic were at home to Motherwell, with a further two arrests outside the ground, one for a minor alcohol-related offence and one wanted on a warrant.

Meanwhile Rangers were away to Kilmarnock at Rugby Park where there were two arrests inside the ground, both for breach of the peace.

There were reportedly 1,000 officers on the streets across the region for today's games, with plain clothes officers mingling in the crowds.

The measures came as the SNP announced plans to bring in new laws to crack down on bigotry in the wake of recent incidents said to have brought shame on Scottish football.

Currently people who cause disruption at matches can be charged with breach of the peace, with a maximum one year sentence.

However the new laws would include behaviour that is threatening, abusive, disorderly or offensive, with a maximum jail term of five years.

Online hate crime, such as comments posted on Twitter, will also be included in the legislation and would carry the same punishment.