New Borrowing Plans From First Minister

Details of the SNP's plan to win further borrowing powers from the UK Government will be outlined today.

First Minister Alex Salmond is expected to launch a paper extending laws passed earlier in the week in the Scotland Bill.

The Bill, which cleared the Commons late on Wednesday night, will give more responsibility to Holyrood, including £12 billion of financial powers.

Recently-proposed changes by the UK Government include allowing early access to money to help pay for large projects such as the new Forth crossing.

But Mr Salmond wants the Bill to go further.

Earlier this week the first of the series of documents was published on the case to take responsibility for the Crown Estate, which manages the sea bed, part of the foreshore and some land.

Further documents are expected on the Scottish Government's demand for more control of excise duty, corporation tax, broadcasting and an enhanced role in the European Union.

Scottish Secretary Michael Moore has hailed the UK legislation as a "hugely significant package", telling MPs it would make ministers in Edinburgh more "accountable" by giving them the necessary powers to raise the taxes needed for their own policies.

An attempt by the SNP to give control of corporation tax to Holyrood was overwhelmingly defeated by MPs during debate on the Bill at Westminster.