Man Arrested over Racist Abuse At Edinburgh Derby

30 December 2018, 07:08

Football pitch

A man has been arrested over the alleged racial abuse of a Hearts player during the Edinburgh derby.

Police Scotland said a 65-year-old man was arrested after footage emerged of a fan apparently aiming abuse at defender Clevid Dikamona.
A Hibernian spokesman had described the incident at the club's Easter Road stadium as "unacceptable".
A total of seven arrests were made, including two people over an attack on two police officers before the game in which Hearts defeated Hibs 1-0.
Match commander, Superintendent Jim Royan, said: "Over 20,000 fans were in attendance at Easter Road and I want to thank the vast majority, who were extremely supportive of officers and there to just support their team and enjoy the derby with friends or family.
"Despite this, and repeated warnings that anti-social and disruptive behaviour would not be tolerated, six arrests were made before and during the game.
"Three people were arrested prior to the match in connection with alleged possession of pyrotechnics.
"Two people were also arrested before the game following the assault of two officers who were, thankfully, uninjured.
"Another person was arrested within the stadium in connection with possession of alcohol.
"A 65-year-old man has now been arrested following the racial abuse of a Hearts player, and enquiries are currently ongoing into this.
"There is no place in Scotland for hate crime and I want to reassure the public that reports of such incidents will be treated seriously.
"Fans have united in their condemnation of this behaviour and I want to thank the public for their assistance with our investigation so far."