Glasgow school to tackle bedbug infestation

13 June 2019, 17:20 | Updated: 13 June 2019, 17:24

St Bride's Primary Glasgow

A washing machine and tumble dryer are to be installed in St Bride's Primary School in Glasgow following years of bedbug infestations.

The First Minister says intensive work is being done to rid the school of bedbug infestations after a four-year 'ordeal'.

St Bride's Primary School in Nicola Sturgeon's Glasgow constituency is installing washing machines in an attempt to stop pupils and teachers being plagued by bedbug outbreaks.

The First Minister was asked about the bedbug situation by Annie Wells MSP, who said: "In my region of Glasgow and in the First Minister's own constituency, a school has been forced to take desperate action to eliminate a four-year-long ordeal of bedbug infestations.

"Kids are getting rashes, pest control teams are visiting every few months and staff have had to destroy their own furniture.

"First Minister, what century is this?"

Responding at FMQs, Ms Sturgeon said "This is an issue in different parts of Glasgow", adding that she had been speaking to Glasgow City Council officials about the outbreaks.

She added: "I know the work that is going on is very intensive and I think all of us have to encourage those involved in this to follow all of the guidelines in order that the work that's being does has the best chance of succeeding."

The purchase of washing machines for the south side school, where a member of staff has reportedly been paid compensation by the local authority after suffering bedbug bites, will be used to boil-wash clothes of children whose parents are unable to do so.